Monitoring Controls

Surface Water Control Structures

Waste Management ensures groundwater protection by monitoring, sampling and analyzing 46 groundwater wells around the landfill site. Storm water runoff at the site is directed to a perimeter surface water collection system and delivered to a complete storm water management detention basin that includes filter beds and a pump station. Clean water is pumped into the surrounding wetlands by the permanent wetland irrigation system.

In 1992 the City of Jacksonville and Waste Management created 4.76 acres of hardwood/wetland area on buffer property. Waste Management continually monitors the wetlands, which are thriving.

Typical Groundwater Monitoring System (pdf)

Landfill Gas Collection and Control System

Waste Management uses the most advanced gas monitoring equipment to ensure landfill gas emissions do not exceed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and EPA regulations. Landfill gas, a greenhouse gas, is generated through the decomposition of waste in landfills and offers a clean renewable energy resource. Trail Ridge Landfill collects the gas through a network of gas extraction wells; currently there are 102 wells on-site. The collected gas is used as fuel to generate electricity, which is then delivered to JEA.

Typical Gas Extraction Well (pdf)