Landfill Design

Today’s modern landfills like Trail Ridge are carefully designed to contain waste and protect the environmental integrity of the surrounding area – including the air, water and soil. Our landfill incorporates advanced design features, including multi-layer liner construction and leachate removal systems. Teaming the most current available technology with a highly-trained professional staff, Waste Management ensures the waste is disposed of safely, protecting the environment and public health.

Site Development

Site Development is one of the key features of a facility. The proposed waste disposal area is divided into phases, and each phase is further divided into individual waste disposal cells based on the waste disposal capacity as required by the facility. Trail Ridge Landfill is scientifically engineered to proactively minimize environmental impacts through use of sound planning, design and operations, which provide safe, long-term disposal of waste within the facility. All of these designs are reviewed and approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to ensure all state requirements are met or exceeded.